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02 May 2016
You made an awesome smartwatch in the Gear S2, however you forgot a couple of things that I trust you'll figure out how to incorporate into your next round (no quip expected) which will more likely than not prompt far better surveys and better deals in all cases. Samsung has already launched samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone and as per rumours company is preparing Galaxy Note 6 and Galaxy Gear S3 smartphoen for IFA 2016. While I'm certain you're mindful of what commentators and clients are stating out there, to keep it straightforward and all in one place, here's a couple highlights we'd affection to find in the following Gear S3 smartwatch... in no specific request... 

1) Size: please have a model of precisely the same (1.2" screen) in addition to a second choice at 1.5" screen for those with bigger wrists or who simply need a bigger screen alternative. 

2) Voice mix - while we value the diligent work that is gone into SVoice, most commentators and clients alike will concur that it's far, a long ways behind in pace and exactness contrasted with googles voice look. If it's not too much trouble permit clients to utilize Google Voice Search on the watch to answer to messages, perform seeks, and so forth and so forth. This is a noteworthy dissatisfaction as far as viability and ease of use particularly on a smart watch where writing isn't ideal. 

3) Reminders - please permit clients to rapidly and effortlessly set updates utilizing the watch. Ideally utilizing the velocity and precision of Google's Voice Search motor, not SVoice (see #2). 

4) Left Handed People Left Out - while a great many people wear their watches on their left hands, a hefty portion of us who compose left gave wear our watches on our right wrists. It would be ideal if you permit the watch to have an introduction setting/mode that flips the watch around so it can be utilized successfully on the inverse hand and the equipment catches and speaker will in any case confront far from the wrist so as not to meddle. Apple watch does this pleasantly in their product settings. 

5) Apps - while your underlying discharge indicated numerous extraordinary applications coming including home and auto integration...users have no clue where a large number of those applications are right now and have no chance to get of knowing when they'll be here. 2015? 2016? 2017? I know it requires investment for designers to get on and make it a good fit for this interesting stage, however there's a level of vulnerability with any new client in the matter of when, if at any time, quality applications will touch base for this watch. 

6) Please incorporate with Google Maps, particularly on variants that have GPS. 

7) Although it creates the impression that your watch has a surrounding light sensor, it's not clear if there's auto brilliance usefulness. Most audits say there is not auto-splendor, but rather clients have reported that the watch can be physically set to a low shine level and will conform higher consequently when you go outside, and so on. That is auto shine to me. Why cover up such a decent component, to the point that different producers need to join a punctured tire just to have. 

8) When a notice comes through please permit the clients to characterize to what extent they'd like it to show up on their screen as the present way it's set up, the warnings that come through leave REALLY rapidly and clients are compelled to go home, then pivot left just to discover the notice that just came through. More settings permitting clients to redo how they'd like warnings to appear and for to what extent would be decent so on the off chance that we need notices to dependably remain. On Android Wear for instance, warning keeps focused watch face until it's been released there or on the telephone. Would be pleasant to in any event have the OPTION to get this going. 

9) Speakerphone and GPS on all shows. Not that everybody needs it but rather once they understand that have that capacity it leaves nothing for any one to gripe about and you won't have surveys out there that are diverse in light of the fact that that specific client didn't utilize the "best" model for their audit. You can in any case have a different 3G model for those that wanna be free of their phones. 

10) Please address the way that numerous surveys have called attention to that the stride mean clients of the Gear S2 is regularly 10-20% not exactly different gadgets. 

11) IR Blaster - "a bit much" by any methods but rather pleasant to have. So why not add it to the highest point of the watch over the bezel like you had in past models? 

12) Release a Classic variant of the Gear S2 3G model. We as a whole love the amazing way this model has worked in speakerphone, GPS, and a greater battery to take into consideration the autonomy of utilizing the 3G...but the Classic is more "tasteful" in style and a few of us would love to be free of our phones and dress pleasantly with a decent smooth watch. 

13) Better groups - this will undoubtedly happen after some time I'm certain, however more alternatives, more tasteful choices, metal choices, sleeker choices with pleasant simple catches rather than simply the old school sort hooks utilized with the S2. 

14) iPhone support. Awesome occupation on including other android clients on your Gear S2. Presently time to take advantage of the a large number of iPhone clients out there which will give them an executioner (better) alternative and will undoubtedly subsequently expand the quantity of designers that need to make incredible applications for the watch. Since it's as of now "underway" should attempt to improve it work even than Android Wear's present "restricted" reconciliation. 

15) Sleep observing - where have you gone? 

16) Better reconciliation with outsider email applications. Gear S2 works pleasantly with the local email application yet would be decent if other outsider applications would be wise to joining to permit clients to peruse the entire message, answer, erase, chronicle, banner, and so on simply like you can with the local application. I understand this is a great deal to do with how those outsider applications bolster this stage, however it would be pleasant on the off chance that this was enhanced the same number of Android clients utilize outsider email applications. 

17) MST Integration - The incorporation of NFC is awesome! Make it one stride further for Samsung Pay clients. 

Much obliged to you Samsung. 

That is just for now. Don't hesitate to add to my rundown on the off chance that you'd like.


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